Travel Buyers Think Tank #14

As this goes to press, we find the times we are living through are like no other in modern history – for individuals, communities and entire nations the world over. The importance of managing risk, maintaining business continuity and ensuring employee safety and wellbeing have been brought into stark relief by the sudden and vicious onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic.
Doing Things Differently?
Corporate travel is in an unprecedented crisis. The coronavirus has thrown a wrench into the most well-laid plans. However, we are as prepared as I think we can be for whatever comes our way.Eight years ago, when I began working at NetApp, there was not much synergy between Travel and Risk Management. Since that time, things have changed. We work very closely now on all things risk and security oriented. Careful planning and coordination are part of our process today, due in part to several experiences. Among other occurrences, one of the most significant was the shooting at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas a couple of years ago where we were holding an event at the time.  Unfortunately, nothing could have awakened our connection with Risk more than an event as dramatic as the Mandalay shooting.  Cultivate your relationship with Risk and Security. Today’s unpredictable world requires you to be diligent in the defense of your travelers.
– Mark Ziegler

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