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TMCs as Risk Partners

Travel management companies play an important role in Duty of Care – but there’s more to the story
Business travel disruptions can occur for many reasons, whether it’s headline-making events like protests, volcanoes or bombs, or a more personal issue such as an individual’s health emergency. Whatever the crisis, the reality is that most of the time it doesn’t occur during normal business hours. To provide a framework to help limit the traveling employee’s exposure to risk, more and more companies are developing Duty of Care policies and procedures.

Because of the growing uncertainty of global conditions, Duty of Care is a hot button issue for travel. In response, more travel management companies are developing risk management tools and security partnerships. To evaluate a TMCs offerings, corporate travel managers need to know what’s included, what isn’t, and what fits their organization’s needs.

Duty of Care and Risk Management

Travel management companies are outside vendors to whom many companies turn to provide travel management support to their internal travel departments. When it comes to risk management, the two entities can work together to create a better-defined travel program that supports the company’s Duty of Care policy.


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