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Innovation and ingenuity are essential for business success. But is it possible to measure real creativity?
The buzzword du jour in technology circles these days is artificial intelligence. The definitionsfor this wundertechnologie are a bit muddled: Is a machine that teaches itself truly intelligent,or just a smart machine that learns?

However the applications are multitudinous and varied, everything from Alexa to travel booking tools that can predict your next trip.

There is another kind of intelligence of course — the native, human kind — that many fear is at risk of being run over in the stampede to embrace the machine. But despite the gloom-and-doom headlines to the contrary, in the world of business, people intelligence is still the key factor that drives the enterprise. After all, human ingenuity has been the wellspring of innovation, and it looks like it will be for the foreseeable future.

The problem is, machines are designed to perform more or less as expected. Yes, there are those inexplicably dead car batteries in winter and computer blue-screens-of-death, and autocorrect can come up with some hysterical bloopers. But by and large what comes out of the box is what you thought you’d get.



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