The Virus Changed Everything

So now where do we go from here?

Fifteen months ago, I wrote an article for Business Travel Executive in which I outlined the impact of COVID-19 on business travel and how the crisis created opportunities for travel managers. Let’s review where we are today and where we’re going.

Where We Are Today
In April 2020, the Transportation Security Administration processed an all-time one-day low of 87,534 travelers through its airport checkpoints. Currently, it is not unusual for over 2,000,000 travelers to be processed in a day. While encouraging, this is still 20 to 25 percent fewer travelers than in 2019. International travel continues to be significantly reduced due to the various COVID protocols required by many countries.

Vaccination rates in the United States continue to lag behind many other developed countries. Currently, only 65 percent of Americans have received one dose of the COVID vaccine, and a slim majority, only 56 percent, of the population are considered “fully vaccinated.”

In contrast to the situation in mid-2020, most airline clubs have reopened, suspended routes have returned, and beverages and snacks are being served on airplanes once again. Many hotels have reopened, although some will never reopen. Occupancies have climbed back to normal levels in some – mostly leisure – markets. Rental car rates are up, Hertz has emerged from bankruptcy, and people are on the road again.

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