The Great Travel Makeover

Phat Data can offer key insights to prepare your program for a meaningful, sustainable comeback

Vroom or Zoom? As travel finally begins to rebound and people are getting back on the road, travel buyers are going to need to re-invent their travel program to adapt to – and meet the needs of – what is expected to be a smaller travel footprint. This helps both the environment and corporate budgets.

Corporations have seen that they can manage to be successful without traveling, but that only counts when everyone else isn’t traveling. As soon a company’s competition hits the road, others will follow suit. The same thing is true for the impact travel has on the environment. So as more companies start to measure that, others will follow as well. What we see here is a natural progression – from travel that seems to just happen to travel that matters. So this month our Phat Data focus is on two things, saving money and saving the planet.

Day Trippers
For example, should we anticipate that the days of traveling for a one-day meeting are long gone? So how would buyers address that change in the policy and booking process? There are so many things to consider, but tapping into your Phat Data can help. First off, it is critical for buyers to begin the discussion with their leadership and determine how one day trips should be handled moving forward. Are they allowed at all? Does there need to be an approval process? If so, how will that be managed?

Additionally, buyers should be engaging with their travel management companies and online booking tools to have a clear understanding of what functionality is available to manage these potential new processes. Can an OBT restrict one day trips? Can an approval process be designed to automatically call out only one day trips?

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