The Future-Proof Journey

Airlines and airports are moving from ‘How did we do?’ to ‘How will we do?’
Yogi Berra once said, “It’s hard to make predictions, especially about the future.”  While as a general rule the inimitable wisdom of Yogi is unassailable, the aviation business is doing its best to prove him wrong, and they are deploying an array of predictive technology – from Big Data to the Internet of Things to Artificial Intelligence – to do it.

A new report from the air transport technology specialists at SITA entitled, predictably enough, The Future Is Predictable explores the multiple causes of disruption and the ways in which technology can mitigate the effects or even avoid the consequences altogether.  

As the report puts it, “A defining factor in the air transport industry is the high level of anomalous disruptive events that require special management, thereby increasing the likelihood of things not running to plan.”  In other words, in a complex system like aviation, Murphy’s Law applies, and when it strikes it’s in everyone’s interests to fix it – fast.


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