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The Expanding Booking Toolbox

The consumer buying experience is changing the way corporate travelers choose to book
Competition is the soul of innovation – at least that’s what they say. And with corporate booking tools that seems to be more than a truism, given the widespread agreement that closing the gap with the consumer experience is a must.

“The expectations of our customers are being shaped by consumer experiences,” says John Mourhous, chief experience officer for Flight Centre Travel Group. “We either have to adapt to that, or watch those customers gravitate to solutions that do.”

Fortunately, key improvements are well under way. Looking to next year and beyond, travel managers can expect a more satisfying experience for all concerned. “You could argue that we’re already there with some of the new tech disruptor entrants into the market,” Mourhous says. At the same time, he adds, those products may not provide the full services needed for a managed travel program.

However, some corporate booking platforms that are driven by consumer principles are making considerable headway into various global markets. One example is TripActions; some of the recent steps by the business travel technology provider are indicators of the trend toward improved booking options.

Distribution and Booking Tools


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