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The Event Horizon

Even for the best-planned meetings, glitches loom and hassles abound
A lot of ink gets spilled on the subject of strategic meetings management and the big picture elements of event execution. But just for a minute I’m going to take off my strategic hat to focus on the operational aspect of taking an event from smooth launch to excellent finish with the minimum of thrash along the way.  

My first bit of advice: Buy the space. Event space is a hot commodity and hotels will sell it and flip it as many times possible, and faster than the best pancake-maker. So don’t count on the idea that your room might “just happen” to be available prior to the day.

To ensure you have plenty of time to ring out the room and not pull an all-nighter before your next 15-hour day, buy the space. Just pay for it. Work it into the budget. It’s worth every penny to ensure your general session is perfect, your break out rooms are perfect, your AV is flawless (as possible), and you might even be able to have dinner and get a good night’s sleep!  

Speaking of AV, what is the deal with the hotel AV situation? Dealing with hotel AV can be frustrating and at times infuriating, especially when you have to up your budget to account for exorbitant charges for extra power to run the show and mediocre ‘highest speed’ WiFi. Sometimes you just have to bring in your own AV crew, and you shouldn’t be penalized for this.

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