The China Challenge

Finding middle ground in the Middle Kingdom can be the key to unlocking vast opportunity
Looking for a telltale indicator of just how healthy the Chinese market is these days? Look to no further than United Airlines Flight 9, San Francisco to Chengdu. It’s a formidable 13-hour, 12-minute, 5,978-mile journey that tests the stamina of the most seasoned frequent flier.

In early June one of the carrier’s new 787-8s inaugurated the route. On board were some of the most perceptive Sino-American experts on the planet, assorted dignitaries and a smattering of reporters. This particular 787 is one of ten the airline flies. It’s ordered 55 more, including some larger 787-9s. The “seven-eight” is an airplane tailor-made for trips such as these, designed to ply far-flung routes and open new markets, such as Chengdu.

Going Global

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