Spanning the World

Global business travel pushes expense management solutions to a whole new level
As travel abroad increasingly becomes the business world’s norm, companies face the problems of reconciling travel expenses on a global scale. And while it may not be a front-burner issue like data management or traveler satisfaction, globalizing expense management poses real challenges that affect these areas and more.

Fortunately, the latest expense solutions offer new capabilities for managing foreign requirements, providing data visibility and streamlining the reporting process. Along the way, they reduce or eliminate many of the problems that have long plagued travelers.

“An effective global expense management solution is borderless in the sense that it offers the same stellar user experience no matter where you are in the world,” says Matt Allen, who works with strategic partnerships for Expensify. This means it runs in the background while tracking expenditures for hotels, flights, meals and other items regardless of location. Such a solution also flags potential problems including policy violations and duplicate expenses without the need for manual review of receipts.

Expense Management

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