Share the Ride, Share the Data

The staid old ground transportation category has become the hot new ticket in your Phat Data strategy
With ridesharing apps such as UBER and Lyft becoming one of the leading business travel expenses in North America, there is no ignoring them now. The data that is available in the marketplace from this technology about a traveler’s ground transportation requirements brings more insight than ever before. How can a buyer integrate this rich information into the managed travel program and Phat Data strategy?

Travelers love their ridesharing apps! These services are often significantly less expensive than traditional ground transportation and they are super easy and convenient to use. At least one source states that ridesharing accounts for up to 15 percent of expenditures for business travel. That is huge. Everyone knows it has been a game changer for sure!  

The once dark days of data around taxi usage has been transformed through ridesharing. Travel managers can now gain greater insight into the traveling patterns and behaviors of their travelers and, in turn, utilize that data to develop a really solid strategy for their ground transportation needs. Let’s face it: The traditional car rental sourcing exercise has changed, and that’s primarily due to ridesharing.  

There are very few downsides to partnering with a ridesharing company. Travelers are using it whether the company sanctions it officially or not. So why not go ahead and partner with the provider – if for no other reason than to obtain the data that can be so valuable in the managed travel program?  

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