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Mobile technology can make self-scribing T&E reports reality – if the humans will just get on board
It’s amazing. The app store has only been around for a decade, and yet few of us can imagine life without it. Are there automated tools that will help you manage the most pressing problems you face today? Definitely. Do you even have room on your phone for them? Maybe not.

If this is the standard in our personal lives – a mobile app for every conceivable challenge – it’s no wonder travelers and travel managers expect the world from their expense software, too. One that provides a hands-off, seamless experience for the traveler, perfect compliance and spend visibility for the travel manager,  and happy finance types to boot.

It’s a tall order for a process that is inherently complex – including elements like approval workflows, reimbursement accounts, figuring out which expenses can be approved automatically and which can’t, and categorizing and coding receipts.

Which is not to say providers haven’t made significant progress toward the ideal solution, one that can handle global business requirements with ease and thrill end users at the same time.

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