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​As work-from-home grows, so do risks – the digital kind – lurking in all those home office connections
The sudden onslaught of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus has slammed the world’s economies into reverse, and left many companies and millions of employees scrambling to find ways to sustain business through the months of social distancing, isolation and remote work. With US employers ordering “non-essential” staff to continue working from home, technology has been pressed into service as never before to prop up a flagging global economy.

The sliver of a silver lining in all this is that two trends are converging to make work-from-home more feasible than ever. First, over the past several decades developments in connectivity and computing solutions have become more widespread. The second, related change is that, since the capabilities are there, a significant and growing proportion of the workforce is already on board with this mode of work.

However the sudden surge of work-at-home participants also opens the door to a host of unintended consequences, both for workers and their employers. Among the most obvious are some cyber risks that may be well controlled by the company’s IT security measures, but wide open in a home office environment.

The latest headline-making example is so-called ‘zoom bombing,’ a play on the ever-popular prank of photobombing (except a lot worse) combined with the name Zoom, the free video conferencing software (although these unwelcomed intrusions can apply to any hijacked video conference, regardless of platform). The interruptions often take the form of the unwanted participants posting lewd or offensive content.


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