Back in my J-school days, the professor who taught us copyediting 110 – a crusty old ex-newspaper guy – had a thing about rhetorical questions in headlines: He hated them. (He also hated the Oxford comma, but that’s a column for another day.) His argument was that if you ask a question in the headline, whether you intend it to be rhetorical or not, the answer the reader provides might not be one you anticipate. And that could slant the entire story the wrong way.

Thus, as I found myself this week perusing past issues of BTE dating back to my start as your humble editor in 2011, I found it instructive to read the headlines I’d put on some of these earliest stories and apply the prof’s admonition from that long-ago class. To wit:

• From January 2011,“Happy Days Are (Almost) Here Again. Or Are They?” (Why, no – not by a long shot.)  
• The March 2011 issue had a story entitled “Riding The Rails: Alternative or Adjunct?” (Neither, if the rails aren’t heading where you want to go.)
• And from the September 2011 issue: “Driven To Distraction: Is there a false economy lurking behind mobile productivity tools?” (Not if you’re smart enough to pull over before you try to text and drive.)


Now the reason we’re dusting off the archives is to make those past stories available to you when we introduce our new Business Travel Executive website. Indeed as we ready May’s print magazine to go to press, we’re also putting the finishing touches on the entirely reimagined By the time you read this, it will be up and running, so if you haven’t already had the chance to look it over I’d like to extend a personal invitation.

The layout is clean and contemporary, the navigation is simple and intuitive, and the site’s responsive design lets you view it on any device, anywhere. And best of all – at least from this editor’s perspective – the content is getting a fresh take, with expanded news coverage and in-depth features that will bring our readers even more insight into our industry.

In addition to the new website, we’re also pleased to announce another premiere event coming to the world of BTE. On Wednesday, June 14, we are hosting our first-ever webinar, Traveler Engagement: Embracing a New Value Proposition. This webinar will feature an in-depth, interactive conversation with a panel of your peers in business travel, sharing ways they seek to balance their travelers’ experiences with their company’s travel objectives – and make the most of both.

Successful travel programs today are capitalizing on the resource that is their travelers’ experiences. Using social media and in-house communications to reassess program offerings and seek traveler input, these travel management professionals are learning how to gain greater control of their company’s travel investment, while at the same time enhancing traveler convenience, reducing dissatisfaction and promoting productivity. You can find details about the Traveler Engagement webinar in the pages of this magazine.

Now with all these amazing new initiatives going on, you may ask yourself – rhetorically – “Won’t all this take away from the good stuff that we’re used to getting from  BTE?” Why, no, not at all. In fact it gives us more opportunities and greater resources to cover the issues that face managed travel and delve deeper into the solutions.  

And I ask you – rhetorically – isn’t that what you’ve come to expect?