Phat Data Takeoff

Powerful new streams of data from your airline partners create better ways to tell your travel program stories
As Phat Data evolves, our 2020 focus takes a deeper dive into the world of our suppliers. In particular, the airline space is intense and chock full of data. With so much information at their fingertips, how do carriers determine their strategies around the types of data to capture and, in turn, what they should be delivering to the marketplace?

For one airline, the approach they take to their strategy is what they call a “customers-focus first.” In a recent interview with Chris Gamman, senior manager, corporate sales operations at American Airlines, he stated that often the inclination is to “dive into the data first before considering the customer relationship.” However, he says, the approach that American takes is to “better understand the customer relationship first and then use the data to uncover insights about that collaboration.”

This approach also supports the frontline account managers who are seeking to continually grow the overall value of the relationship between the corporate buyer and the airline. Scott Sirianni, regional director of sales and service for American works closely with Chris and team to help them understand the voice of the customer.

One of the biggest challenges is that “there are different versions of the data: Prism, agency, corporations, consultants,” Scott says, adding that “finding the ability to compare apples to apples is hard, but we understand that our customers want and need this.”

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