Phat Data, Phat GDS

Global distribution systems hold a wealth of data – and the treasure house is being unlocked
We all know that data is king. And a king of kings in the data space is the GDS! They have access to an incredible amount of rich content and data about our travel programs and our travelers. Combine this with new content and offerings through the NDC channels, and the GDS becomes a pretty PHAT (Pretty Hot And Tempting) source of data.  

One of the challenges from a travel manager’s perspective comes from the fact that in most scenarios the GDS contract is owned by the travel management company. Since that relationship has always been between the GDS and the TMC, the travel manager or corporation has had very little direct interaction with the GDS unless they hold a direct agreement with the GDS. Nevertheless, there are so many opportunities the GDS can offer corporations that the relationships are beginning to evolve.

In a recent interview, Sabre’s principal product manager Brett Dowling talks about the opportunities the company sees in “how Sabre can best leverage our capabilities and provide the most meaningful return to our customers. And this means opportunities for a closer alignment with corporations and travel buyers.”  

While Sabre acknowledges that data products have always been a focus for them, now the desire is to develop offerings that can integrate and align better in the marketplace. There is no denying the GDSs have tons of raw data, and historically Sabre has taken the position that it should ship out raw data for customers to use as they best saw fit. Now Sabre is moving from descriptive analytics – looking back on what happened – toward the brave new world of what will happen, and inevitably what a buyer should do with that information.  

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