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Paths to Partnership

Working together with your suppliers can be the key to building a more successful Phat Data strategy
Phat data isn’t just for travel buyers. Suppliers play a big part in delivering the right information to create a strong Phat Data strategy. How a buyer works with suppliers to identify the right set of data they need is mission critical.
It is a fact that data in the travel industry is very ‘siloed’ – that is, we get different types of reports from different suppliers in different industry sectors. And even data coming from suppliers in the same travel category can look significantly different from supplier to supplier. We get mounds upon mounds of data that has to be “cleaned.” Frankly, I’m not sure why that should still be the case.

Furthermore, in many instances it can take upwards of 30 days after travel for the data from our suppliers to even reach us. How can a buyer truly manage their program 30 days after things happen? The answer is, they can’t. Travel buyers need to push their suppliers for more real-time information that is actionable.

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