Out of Sight, Out of Mind

More than ever, artificial intelligence is taking business travelers out of the expense management equation
Smartphones have become such an indispensable tool, in our personal lives and in business, it’s hard to believe they’ve only existed for 10 years. But the smartphone has its limits.

Or it should have, according to some business travelers.

This group finds snapping photos of receipts and typing expense details into a mobile phone at least as painful as the traditional paper process, and in some ways even more. But others disagree. As proof, consider that up to 80 percent of Expensify’s user base uses the mobile app exclusively, even when they have access to a desktop web app.

David Barrett, who is CEO and founder of the expense management company, explains the paradox this way: robots can manage expenses better than people can – faster, more accurately and almost invisibly. But instead of using them to their full advantage, some providers have only digitized the old paper process and moved it to a smartphone. And “the paper itself was never the problem,” says Barrett. “It was the steps involved in the process.”

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