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Of Safeguards & Secrets

As mobile technology hits the road, the risks to confidential company information is rising
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and its cousin, Bring Your Own App are increasingly common trends emerging from the mobility-connectivity revolution. It’s a popular business model that offers benefits both to individual employees and to their organizations. For instance, employees can manage both life and work more efficiently when corporate communications and applications are available side-by-side in one place with their personal data and schedules.

As a result, more and more key work-related information is being stored and accessed on personal mobile devices. A recent survey by Kapersky Lab in conjunction with B2B International found that 36 percent of workers store work files on their personal devices, and 34 percent keep company e-mail there.

More alarming, they can also contain more confidential information, such as passwords to corporate e-mail accounts (18 percent), networks or VPNs (11 percent). Further, the report reveals that only 11 percent of employees are concerned about keeping work files on mobile devices safe.



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