Meaningful Meeting Metrics

Hybrid events get complicated, but Phat Data can unlock greater engagement and better ROI

Exciting times are ahead as we are now eighteen months into the pandemic and are finally starting to see the return of in-person meetings. The events are looking somewhat different now – everything from wearing a colored badge or bracelet to let people know if you want a hug, a fist bump, or six feet of space to technologies that reach more attendees than ever. As meeting planners adapt to these changes, they still need to focus on the ROI of the event, the attendee experience, safety, and how they measure all of these things.

Most people acknowledge that while there is a lot of pent-up desire to meet again face to face, some people are still concerned about in-person events while others love saving the money by being able to attend virtually. So we know the virtual component to an in-person meeting isn’t going away anytime soon. Does the hybrid aspect of the meeting mean different things for different types of attendees when it comes to ROI? Should this be measured differently?

Data collection should start long before the event begins, in the pre-planning stage. Planners will want to survey and gain an understanding of what their attendees know and don’t know, their basic level of comfort with the content and the expected results. This information is critical to helping develop both content and measuring the meetings effectiveness. Did the attendee improve their level of knowledge after attending the event? To answer that question means creating the baseline is critical.

Let’s take a peek into a solid mid-sized in-person event with a virtual offering. You are now able to reach more attendees, which is fantastic. This event is focused on delivering more sales for your organization. The folks who are attending in person are conversing with each other, sharing success stories, networking and engaging in a lot of organic conversation. They are inspired. Awesome!

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