Liberalizing Travel Policy

ACTE’s Dallas conference explores stats, facts and solutions that are the foundation of a realistic program in the new age of travel
Surveys are snapshots of an industry. They capture what an industry was thinking — at that moment — and how it reacted to various circumstances. They also tell us when an industry is poised for change, and what that change is likely to be.

Over half (52 percent) of respondents to last year’s “The Evolution of Travel Policy: A Global View on the Future,” a study conducted by the Association of Corporate Travel Executives and American Express Global Business Travel, revealed their programs are savings-driven. Sixteen percent claimed that they are moving toward a service-driven policy. Of the two figures, the 16 percent is more significant as it defines forward motion.
No matter how you look at it, 52 percent is a majority. This would be a close thing if we were talking about an election. But it is not an election, it’s perception. And that 16 percent would have been nowhere near that high five years ago.

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