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Let's Get Together

Members of BTE’s Buyer Think Tank explain why involvement in travel industry associations is important
Travel buyers are gathering this month in San Diego for the annual Global Business Travel Association convention (see page 46). Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2018, GBTA is the oldest – but by no means the only – association of its kind in the travel industry.

Why are industry associations so important for travel managers? Business Travel Executive Think Tank members say it’s all about the basics of travel – learning new things and connecting with people.

Cheryl Benjamin
Travel Services Manager,
Dart Container Corporation
They say the only thing constant in travel is change, and keeping up with change is even more difficult when it is coming at you from all directions. I rely on our travel associations to keep up on what is happening, bring to light new issues, and build educational opportunities that address our changing needs. Being engaged with the associations has allowed me to grow professionally and bring additional value to my travel program. Given the talented people we have in this industry, a casual conversation during an event or participating in online forums has sparked many new ideas. No one knows it all and I appreciate having the associations to help me stay current.


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