Lessons Learned from 2020

Last year was tough for everyone, but the takeaways can be invaluable
Corporate travel managers experienced a new work environment in 2020. Preparing for the unknown – predicting how many agents are needed, dealing with unused tickets, and figuring out how to adjust travel policies are only a few areas.

Here are some of the lessons I learned in 2020.

Keep Networking. Be a part of a group of corporate travel managers where you can discuss concerns, brainstorm ideas, and help each other in areas that might not be your strength. Your network is very important during good times, and more so in challenging times. Keep your network diverse by including individuals who have worked in procurement, safety, risk management, and change management is the key to understanding the situation.

Be Prepared. Being prepared can mean many different things. For myself, I had to prepare to start looking for other opportunities. I needed to update my resume and create a list of accomplishments. Staying in touch with key individuals who are willing to write letters of recommendation might be necessary. My “ah-ha” moment here was that in a time of stress, I have a tendency to forget all my accomplishments. Now I will always keep a log and update it as goal are achieved.

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