Kicking COVID Complacency

Lessons learned from a personal journey through the pandemic job jungle
I have worked in corporate travel for over 20 years and experienced many ups and downs during this time. Although many of these shifts pertained to the dynamic nature of the travel industry, most people will the encounter the rollercoaster of emotions on a personal level, stemming from employers, the nature of the job or simply burnout.

Over the years, I have held many different roles in corporate travel on both the buyer and supplier side. I have relocated a few times with new positions and have always been fortunate when it came to timing and logistics during these career moves.

When the pandemic hit our industry, I was fortunate to remain employed. My position and adjusted compensation was far from an ideal situation; however I could not complain, as many people lost their jobs and were forced to find a new careers outside travel. I did take the initiative of having my resume professionally built from scratch as it felt quite antiquated. Then, although I passively watched for the limited opportunities within the industry, I never pursued them. I’ll call it COVID Complacency.

In early 2022, I found myself in a position I have not experienced in 20-plus years – I was suddenly unemployed!
After I wallowed in self-pity for a couple of days, I eventually subscribed to a few job boards, uploaded my resume and set up automated job searches which would send opportunities to my inbox. Although I felt defeated for not having a job, I had confidence that my experience would land me a great role in a short amount of time.

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