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Apps provide escape from travel disruptions
The passenger lament – “if you have time to spare, go by air” – is as true today as it was in the 1930s. However, the ever-growing capabilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning are corralling Big Data so passengers can game the system to avoid or mitigate travel disruptions. This new technology – of consumer and travel management apps – not only warns about trouble spots at booking but provides escape routes to recover when disruptions occur en route.

“The most exciting development today is delivering information so the traveler doesn’t have to worry, doesn’t have to search and it is all automatic with a few clicks,” OAG chief product officer Vipal Nikum says. “Today, only AI and machine learning can deliver the right information at the right time. What is coming to the forefront now is prescriptive information so passengers can manage disruptions themselves.”

While airlines may blame weather and air traffic control, fully two-thirds of delays and cancellations come from carrier’s operational issues or from mitigating safety risks, according to a 2019 study from Frost & Sullivan. Airlines are now leveraging data to run operations better, which may move the needle on airline reliability as they see on-time performance as a competitive advantage. This, however, is a long-term solution to an increasingly critical problem that costs the passengers billions per year.

So What’s the Problem?
“Statistics show 5.6 million departing flights were delayed for an average of 57 minutes, 436,000 flights were cancelled, and the travel plans of over 655 million passengers were disrupted in 2018,” the Frost & Sullivan study reports.

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