Hang On for the Ride

Mobile is set to grow exponentially as travelers get used to tablets, consumer focus and last minute bookings
In the words of that poet emeritus of 60s folk-rock, Bob Dylan: “The times, they are a-changin’.” And nowhere are they a-changin’ more radically and more rapidly for travelers than in mobile technology. Among American adults who have booked travel in any environment, nearly one in five (18 percent) have done so using a mobile device. This according to a survey from discount travel site Hotwire.com.

Additionally, the results reveal that younger adults (not of Bob Dylan’s generation) are significantly more likely to book travel on mobile devices – 37 percent of adults ages 18-34 and 25 percent of adults ages 35-44.

“Mobile purchasing has become an increasingly large trend in travel, given that more than half of Americans now own smartphones,” said Henrik Kjellberg, president of the Hotwire Group. “So, I see the 18 percent as the tip of the iceberg in terms of mobile travel booking, considering players in the space are continuing to optimize their sites and products for the mobile booker.”


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