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12M people; no addresses. Even taxi drivers need help.
Between 1600 and 1945, the fishing village that began as Edo and became Tokyo was leveled every half-century or so by fire, earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption or war. Consequently, it has few classic sights. What it does have is a population of more than 12.5 million people, a jumble of skyscrapers and its own system for making everyone comfortable.  

A good example is the city’s system of streets. Finding an address in Tokyo can be very challenging, even for a taxi driver. There are really no street names and addresses. Within a given district each building has a hyphenated number. The best way to find your destination is to show the written “address” to a local. Even taxi drivers do this.
“On foot, I did get lost many times even when I had a map and clear instructions,” says one expat. “I had to get used to remembering landmarks.

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