Face Time With Leigh Bochicchio

The Association of Corporate Travel Executives president offers insights into creative learning and leadership
BTE: As ACTE enters its fourth decade, what can we expect to see that’s new and different coming from the association?

BOCHICCHIO: We celebrated 30 years last year and our vision really hasn’t changed. We are all about curating content, building learning and connecting people. It’s the way we’re delivering it that’s changing. We’ve always been an event-driven organization and we will always continue to provide events. But to ensure we have the best event – that we provide the right level of learning – we also need the right content.  We’ve made significant investments in the ACTE Center, a division of ACTE, which is focused on providing state-of-the-art research to develop educational content, which in turn feeds into the event experience.

Industry Interview

BTE: How can we expect to see that content implemented at the Chicago conference and beyond?

BOCHICCHIO: A couple of different things are happening. We’re introducing a new program called Brain Dates. This is crowd-sourced content where our audience is actually figuring out what they want to learn. We’re providing a web-based platform for them to connect with others at the conference, and set up either one-on-one sessions or group sessions from 10 minutes to 45 minutes, depending on the information they want. That does two things for us: Number one, it allows the audience to figure out what information they really want to get if it’s not available in the other venues. And two, it’s almost like mini-research for us, because we get to learn what people are looking to learn about, and we can use that at upcoming events or other things we’re doing.

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