Expense App-titude Test

Mobile expense reporting solutions are here, and your business travelers ready. So what’s the hang-up?

Mobile devices and technology have virtually saturated our everyday lives as general consumers. Sure, we all probably have that one friend who still uses a flip phone to be ironic, but most of us find our lives inextricably intertwined with our mobile devices.

Corporate travelers are consumers too, and even more dependent on mobile solutions than most typical stay-at-home users. But for the travel programs that oversee this business, mobile is still not quite as ubiquitous as it is in the consumer world.

That’s why in a world where there’s a mobile app for every conceivable challenge, travelers and travel managers alike are expecting the same hands-off, take-along experience from their expense software. It’s a tall order for a process that is inherently complex, but even as mobile technology creates the demand, it may well also provide the solution.

“There’s no good reason not to adopt mobile expense reporting, and increasingly employees expect it,” says A.G. Lambert, SAP Concur senior vice president, spend, data and analytics. “Beyond travel and expense, many corporations have lower adoption of mobile technologies compared to consumers, particularly if the employee base is primarily knowledge workers with a computer. For travel and expense, native mobile applications are crucial for productivity, and companies need to more aggressively incorporate mobile into their travel and expense programs.”

Expense Management

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