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End To End

Linking travel tools can break down silos but the perfect whole-trip solution is still elusive
A seamless experience for business travelers? Not long ago, that might have seemed as likely as the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series. But wait! Maybe the impossible can come true. At least that seems to be the thinking of providers of travel solutions, as they keep bringing new features to market that are making life better for all concerned. From trip shopping and booking to day-of-travel expenses, reporting and payments, the trend is toward linking solutions to create a more seamless experience for the traveler. While true convergence may not be here yet, things seem well on their way.

The trend only makes sense, according to Oliver Quayle, vice president of product marketing and innovation for American Express Global Business Travel. “Intuitively linking solutions makes it simpler and more efficient for business travelers to manage all aspects of their trip in one place,” he says. “This type of linked, elevated experience is what travelers and all consumers expect from any tech-enabled service.” Business travel shouldn’t be any different, he adds, with travelers expecting and deserving a seamless experience that keeps them productive and gets them home safely.

In fact the need to meet changing expectations has been the impetus for advances across the board. “With innovations from how airline tickets are being sold as bundles, new choices being made available like home and ridesharing, and mobile and cloud computing, the business travel landscape has changed dramatically,” says Doug Anderson, senior vice president of travel at Concur.



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