Days of Discovery

That first-ever travel experience can rock your world
Our planet has once again spun its course around the sun, passing the mid-point between the solstices with the promise of warmer days and time away from work tantalizingly in the distance. Spring is a season when our thoughts – and plans – often turn to travel and discovery, driven at least in part by families looking forward to summer school holidays.

The idea of taking extended summer breaks from school seems to stem largely from agrarian roots in many societies; in earlier times one reason to have all those kids was to help work the farm. After all, who cares about the 3 R’s when we need to get the harvest into the barn?

Over time the connection between education and summer break has evolved. Today, “What I Did on My Summer Vacation” is more than a report to be delivered on the first day back in class. For modern students, those activities are increasingly likely to include plans for some ambitious international travel – with opportunities for educational tours, mission trips, study abroad programs.  

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