Clearing the Air

As travelers gradually return to the skies, airlines and airports are  looking for a clean bill of health
As the coronavirus continues to turn the world of travel upside-down, there may be an upside to this tale after all: Flying has never been cleaner. Airlines, airports and aircraft manufacturers are going to extraordinary lengths to rachet up the confidence measures it will take to get travelers back in the skies, even as the coronavirus continues to rage on the ground.  

Research from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) shows that just 45 percent of travelers are willing to return to airports these days. Some 58 percent of those surveyed said they have successfully avoided air travel, with 33 percent suggesting they will continue avoid travel in future as a way to reduce their risk of catching COVID-19.

“The survey is telling us that passengers are rather cautious,” IATA chief economist Brian Pearce told Bloomberg News. “If anything, consumers have actually got rather more cautious and we have a majority saying now that they would wait more than six months before traveling.”

The Air Up There
The air on a plane remains one of the top concerns for fliers. Breathing is now a contact sport with all sorts of consequences built in. Are airliners safe to sit in for five or six hours at a clip, often packed like fruit heading for market? Are masks still necessary to wear onboard? What if the person behind you has a fever a smidge lower than the allowable degree? What if the person in the middle seat starts coughing? Should you touch the seatback button or use the tray table?

Air Travel

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