Change in the Air: NDC Forecast: Partly Sunny

As air travel buying becomes more complicated, NDC offers solutions as well as complications of its own
While the proof of NDC’s potential still remains to play out in the marketplace, some intriguing research offers both compelling impetus for the standard’s continued development, and some cautionary counsel.

NDC Is Here to Stay
In 2018 major US airlines alone generated $26.9 billion in ancillary revenue, according to travel and expense solutions provider Serko. Given the scope of that spend, the control and visibility that NDC brings means the standard is destined to be more widely implemented in the future.

According to IATA, some 178 companies including 73 airlines, Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport, plus 20 other aggregators, travel IT providers and travel management companies have now successfully taken part in the NDC certification program and are capable of sending and receiving NDC messages.

Personalization is Key

In Travelport’s Global Digital Traveler Research 2019, which surveyed 23,000 people from 20 countries, 42 percent of survey respondents reported the desire when booking a flight to personalize their own experience through add-ons such as added baggage allowance, meal upgrades and extra legroom. NDC provides a more transparent shopping experience for both corporate travel buyers and individual travelers.

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