Breaking New Ground for Business Travelers

High-tech, innovative service models and a focus on traveler experience is changing the game for business rides
Not long ago, decisions around ground transportation for business travelers focused on time-tested factors such as comfort and prestige. But with new dimensions being enabled by advancing technology, travel managers are rethinking the entire process of how ride services are booked, billed and reported.

Technology plays an increasingly important role in the travel industry and chauffeured transportation is no exception, says Steve Horowitz, EVP/GM for EmpireCLS. “In our company, the IT department has become just as essential as the reservations, fleet and dispatch departments,” he says. “We count on them to keep us on the cutting edge when it comes to technological integration within all of our departments.”

Duty of Care and Risk Management

This includes constantly evolving reservation software that streamlines order intake while improving accuracy. Additionally, custom data connectors between reservation systems and the booking tools used by travel managers allow more information to be gathered and managed without time-consuming phone calls and e-mails.

Empire’s dispatch department also relies heavily on technology. “The ability to predict vehicle availability and anticipated drop-off times via real-time GPS and up-to-date traffic integration has allowed us to operate more efficiently than ever,” Horowitz says. This in turn has supported a focus on both price and quality. Additionally the use of GPS coordinates helps pinpoint the whereabouts of clientele and employees, which ensuring their safety while on the road.

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