Beyond the Storm

As the corporate travel world re-emerges, Phat Data will provide the roadmap to what’s ahead
If someone had told us at the start of 2020 that as we embark on 2022, our industry would still be facing the ongoing struggles of a global pandemic two years on, no one would have believed it. Most of us certainly thought the storm would have blown over by now. But here we are in what everyone had hoped would be “After the Storm,” still trying to figure out the how’s and when’s of returning to some semblance of an unencumbered “normal.”

While many suppliers have seen growth in the leisure market, businesses are still hesitant to open up corporate travel again. There are multiple reasons for this, safety of employees being paramount. But there’s also been an incredible amount of cost savings that companies have identified. It’s all impacting the “why” of companies not fully allowing travel to resume. How long this is sustainable is still to be determined.

One thing that both buyers and suppliers have learned over the past couple of years is that partnerships are more important than ever. The interesting thing is that these partnerships are opening doors for different conversations pertaining to data. Both buyers and suppliers need to rethink what we are measuring and why.

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