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Best Laid Plans

When travel goes awry, technology can move your program’s response from reactive to proactive
NOTE: On Sept. 26, Business Travel Executive hosted the latest in its Going Deeper webinar series, Best Laid Plans: When travel goes wrong, are you proactive or reactive? This follow-up article provides a more in-depth look at the topics covered in that webinar. To hear the webinar in its entirety, visit

Anyone who travels on a regular basis eventually has to deal with some sort of trip disconnect. But in the world of corporate travel, one missed connection, cancellation or even a small delay could cause a business traveler to be late or a no-show to a critical business meeting or function, drastically impacting traveler satisfaction and trip productivity.

That is the consensus view of participants in the latest BTE webinar, which revealed that the total cost of disruptions in the United States alone is responsible for $30 billion in losses.

Managing Travel Programs