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Travel Buyer’s POV — 4

Travel Buyer’s POV brings fresh perspectives and ideas to inspire innovation and thought leadership in the corporate travel industry. Online booking tools are an essential part of most travel programs. Travelers rely on them to be accurate and easy to use; travel managers use them to keep travelers informed and drive program compliance. This month, our Think Tank team shares their points of view on the state of today’s online booking tools and how best to tailor them for the traveler experience.
NDC, AI & More 
Booking tools seem to be ‘old hat’ now. In the 90’s we kept hearing that an engineer being paid $100 an hour shouldn’t be booking his or her own travel.Yet, now it’s commonplace for 80 to 90 percent of travelers to be booking at least their domestic travel, and perhaps even their international travel as well.

Twenty-first century travel distribution is morphing into something much more sophisticated. Preferred suppliers have been highlighted, while some suppliers are blocked to support corporate savings goals. However, the latest mantra is ‘traveler experience.’ NDC promises to give travelers many more options related to their travel. Airlines and hotels want to upsell their expanding products.

Artificial intelligence is expected to use vast amounts of data to direct travelers to choose their upcoming travels based on their past choices. There is much more to come. Travel managers need to evaluate their programs often to meet the needs of their travelers.  
– Mark Ziegler

Distribution and Booking Tools


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