Too Small to Fail?

In the battles of the cyber wars, SMEs may have as much at stake as any large corporation
The issue of data breaches has suddenly sprung back into the headlines recently with Marriott’s revelation that as many as 500 million guests at its Starwood properties may have had some of their personal information compromised. Once the hack was discovered, Marriott’s considerable resources were brought to bear to minimize the damage, both to guests’ security and to the hotel giant’s reputation.

Despite all this effort, however, Marriott can look forward to months or even years of legal wrangling and ongoing public scrutiny of both the breach and its aftermath. Still, there’s little doubt the world’s largest hotel group will survive this attack, as have Target, Home Depot and other large companies before them.

The story may be different for small and medium enterprises. In these companies most employees from the top down wear lots of different hats. So it’s little wonder the risks around data security and cyber threats faced by SMEs are often misunderstood or even overlooked altogether.  

A recent poll of small and medium-sized businesses in the UK shows more than eight out of ten don't see cyberattacks or data loss as a significant risk for their business. The survey of 1,000 SMEs carried out through OnePoll indicates one in three SMEs don't see personal information stolen as a result of a cyberattack or fraud as a data breach, according to Chris Mallett, broking manager for insurance company Aon, which commissioned the research.


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