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The World in the Palm of Your Hand

Sophisticated and high-tech, today’s T&E tools make global travel expenses truly manageable
While their travelers navigate the newness of foreign lands, global companies face the equally daunting task of reconciling their expenses. Among other things, such expenses might involve multi-layered taxes, different tax rates applied to different parts of the same meal, VAT, rules about receipt format and retention, per-diem regulations, data-privacy regulations… oh, and language differences.

Fortunately, today’s expense management solutions and corporate card providers are poised to help. With advanced mobile technology and ever increasing numbers of integrations with other providers, their tools quietly manage the seemingly infinite variety of foreign challenges while providing supreme data visibility for the company, and a minutes-long expense reporting process that pleases travelers.

“It's what is expected,” says Andy Nicholas, vice president and general manager, global business development, international at American Express. “We need to make sure we're listening to the industry, listening to our clients, so we are able to provide technology which allows a high level of client and traveler satisfaction."

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