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Returning to Wisdom

“These days people seek knowledge, not wisdom.  Knowledge is of the past and wisdom is of the future”  – Vernon Cooper
Today’s travel programs generate lots and lots of data. But for the savvy travel manager, the goal is not about getting more data – it’s getting the right data, making it actionable and designing a strategy around it to strengthen your travel program and your career. That’s where true wisdom can be found.

Yet to this day we are always looking back at our data – knowledge, yes, but not wisdom. An industry that is trying to get closer to our travelers and influence their behaviors in near-real time can no longer accept reports that are 30-plus days old.  As we wait for the information to come in, how can we truly get to wisdom?

Data alone is not enough. Data – the numbers and letters, ones and zeroes, bits and bytes – when put together become information. And it is that information that must be turned into wisdom. In this sense wisdom becomes the story that data is telling you about your travel program and the story you tell others. But with so much data at our fingertips how do we get to that story?

Probably the number one focus is on real-time data – not just timely, but relevant data is critical. This takes a lot of collaboration between the buyer and supplier community. There is no magic wand or miracle cure to our legacy reporting challenges. But if buyers remain steadfast and focused on what information they need to have now versus later, they can focus on the mission-critical items first. The rest they can tackle in the next phase of getting to wisdom.  

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