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Phat Data Lockdown

More data means more data at risk – but an effective strategy can help keep everyone’s information safe
Between industry data hacks, GDPR, privacy and all that jazz how does a buyer incorporate data security into their Phat Data strategy? It’s not as complex or as difficult as one might think, and it certainly cannot be ignored.

Protecting the PII (Personally Identifiable Information) of our travelers or meeting attendees is more important than ever. In May 2018 when the new GDPR regulations went into effect, the travel industry seems to have finally stood up and started thinking about data security and privacy in a new whole new light.

Suddenly lots of things changed!

Suddenly lots of things changed! Suppliers were updating their privacy agreements, providing consent statements on their websites and the like. Buyers were for the most part dependent on the suppliers to tell them they had this new GDPR thing covered. On the other side of the equation, most travel managers relied on their corporations to be in compliance.

Data Management


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