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New Distribution Capabilities are changing the data game for buyers and suppliers alike
New Distribution Capabilities, or NDC, has generated all sorts of hype around what it can and can’t do – along with the question, Is anyone really doing anything with it anyway? To explore at least some of issues NDC raises, this month we’re going to focus on the opportunities that it brings to the world of Phat Data.

There are certainly two sides to this NDC story. The suppliers are talking about what they can do and how much better it will make the marketplace. On the other hand, the buyers are wondering, What’s in it for me? If we step outside the who is doing what and spend some time pondering the what they’re doing and how of NDC, we begin to see the opportunities this process brings to the Phat Data space. Then we can start to have a meaningful conversation that can help drive the changes needed in the industry today.

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