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Data & the TMC

Your travel management company can be a treasure trove of Phat Data – if you take the initiative
While travel management companies are just a piece of the overall data pie, they are a unique piece. So it’s critical for travel managers to have comprehensive conversations with their TMCs around their program’s data strategy to establish expectations and a plan of action. Where does a buyer start when we are still looking at the same set of reports that we have looked at for years? It all starts with the conversation.

The creation of your Phat Data strategy starts with taking an inventory of the data that you currently receive. The TMC is certainly a big part of that data set. While it’s only a piece of the pie, we realize it’s a critical piece because it provides great insights into whether your program and policies are effective.

Therefore the vital point is to ensure you are obtaining actionable data from the TMC, some of which you may already receive – and some that you have never asked for before.

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