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In Search of Generation Next

It’s a job that’s challenging, rewarding and yes, even fun – and nobody wants it
My first job in the travel industry was delivering airline tickets to corporate clients. At that time I never thought I would still be in this business 32 years later. I have come to realize that there are two types of people in the travel business – those who stay forever and those who get out fairly quickly.

I know for many of us who have been in the business for decades, we were lured by the glamour of traveling the world – for free! Well, those days are long gone, and so is an influx of new people looking to make corporate travel a career. Who is going to take my place when I retire in (fingers crossed) less than a decade? Our industry is aging out and I worry about how we bring new blood into the business.

If you look at many hospitality training programs in colleges and universities, very few have classes on managing corporate travel; most of never even discuss it as a career. Why is that?

When I have had the chance to talk to the deans of these programs, I volunteer my time to spend at least one class period to share what corporate managed travel is and how it can be an amazing career. One woman connected with me on LinkedIn to tell me, “I have decided on a new career path!”

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