Booking Tools Face Great Expectations

Will new booking solutions finally bridge the gap between a satisfying user experience and effective policy controls?
No matter who you ask, expectations for travel booking tools are running high. For business travelers, it only seems natural to expect the kind of user-friendly features found when shopping for leisure travel. Providers, for their part, seem optimistic about the continuing evolution of these essential elements of the travel equation. At the same time, travel managers are seeing an expanding array of options for efficient booking.

“Advances in technology have made booking travel easier with immediate access to information using a one-stop travel platform,” says Mike Remedios, chief technology officer for Onriva. “Machine learning and artificial intelligence continue to transform how people engage in travel.” And business travelers have come to expect more data, more immediate answers, and better personalization from a travel platform before making a purchase decision.

“As the digital transformation of travel continues at pace, there’s been a proliferation of capabilities that businesses can leverage for their travel programs,” says David Zimmer, global head of travel experience and optimization for CWT.
That represents a marked improvement in the booking process, where a long-standing challenge has been reconciling the desire for a great user experience with effective policy controls, two goals which have tended to be mutually exclusive.

“The old way of doing things was your travel management company had one set of rules for booking requests and then you had to do your best to match that in a separate online tool,” says Mike Kubasik, the global CTO of Corporate Travel Management, Ltd. “Today that information should be integrated into a single platform for ease, efficiency and compliance.” This includes dynamic rules that work across all modes of booking with the flexibility to suit a company’s size, number of locations, destination risk, tiered policies for VIPs and more.

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