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Special Reports

SMEs Meet TMCs

A growing number of small and medium enterprises are looking for right-sized travel solutions

Check, Please

Let’s face it – managing dining spend is a formidable task. But thanks to technology, help is at hand

Travel Spend Soup to Nuts

Comprehensive new solutions can add real value to the data that’s hiding in your travel program

Groups Gain Ground

Transportation for meetings and events takes the right mix of planning, logistics and fleet availability

Take a World View

The key to managing a worldwide travel program is finding TMC partners that truly fit your global objectives

Survey Says

Travel programs need to keep travelers ‘in the loop’ by asking the right questions at the right time

Open Door Policy

Good times keep rolling for North America’s hotels, but savvy negotiating can help your program stay afloat

Accommodating Change

2018 will be a year when the hotel industry needs to work to stay above the clouds

The Smaller, The Better!

Getting a handle on ‘small’ meetings can make them more productive and less costly

The Dragon Awakens

China’s business travel market is changing rapidly, but important distinctions remain

The Stays of Our Lives

Luxury, lifestyle, soft brands and independents are redefining the hotel experience – and your hotel program

The Travelers Digital Footprint

​​​​The mobility lifestyle is a boon for the business traveler – but may also make them a moving target

Future Point

Managed travel enters 2016 in a perpetual state of transition, and past performance is no guarantee of tomorrow’s results

Cresting Chinas Wave

Business travel in the Middle Kingdom is flourishing. Unique challenges abound, but change is coming fast

Continental Divide

Amidst mixed signals, increased demand and higher room rates in some European destinations spur new hotel growth

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