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Special Reports

Room to Run?

The outlook for North American hotels in the year ahead – a case of cautious optimism

Hotel Rate Roulette

Making sure your lodging program is getting everything you’ve negotiated is arduous work

Long-Term Transformation

Globalization, the digital revolution and shifting market demands are forging new pathways in corporate housing

Consolidating Gains

As hotel industry mergers and acquisitions continue, is the result for travel programs a boon, bust – or both?

Room for Improvement

Technology is creating the hotel programs of the future – but the past is still present

Moving Experiences

Navigating the employee relocation landscape requires a good map and a watchful eye

The Name Game

Hotel branding has become a big part of hospitality marketing, but what does it really mean for your travel program?

Hotel Sourcing Sorcery­

The trick to getting the right room at the right rate may seem like magic – but there’s a science to it

Open Door Policy

Good times keep rolling for North America’s hotels, but savvy negotiating can help your program stay afloat