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Special Reports

Booking Value

The right content strategies are key to a smarter, more effective and more traveler-centric OBT

Air Transformed

New Distribution Capabilities promise big changes, and travel policies are evolving to keep up

Building a Better Toolbox

BTE’s Buyer Think Tank members weigh in with their wish lists for improving online booking tools

Tools For Tomorrow

The pieces are coming together in corporate online booking technology. Is it time for a breakthrough?

Tools of the Trade

Getting the right booking decisions often comes down to having the right booking technology

Winning the Long Game

The corporate housing market is on the move with enhanced technology and refined products

Tooling Up

A consumer-level booking experience for business travelers is getting closer – but there are still obstacles

Charting the Course Ahead

The hotel outlook in 2017 is “Steady as she goes,” but with the caveat: “What’s next?”

Distribution Revolution

As skirmishes over booking turf heat up, travel managers are left with plenty of choices

Lost in Translation

If only managing your travel program in Western Europe were just a matter of different languages

Games People Play

Gam​​​​ification is the latest corporate buzzword. But it just may be your password to greater compliance

Open Question

As travelers demand more from their corporate booking tools, new solutions are coming along to cut through the maze

Playing By The Rules

Does policy drive travelers or do travelers drive policy? The answer may not be as simple as you think

Changing Channels

The squabbles over distribution might transform things for other industry players — like TMCs and you.

Goodbye, Upgrade Hub

Business travel is changing fast. Now’s the time to establish the corporate travel department as a strategic partner.

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