The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) announced plans to safely restore international business travel and offset some of the damage caused by the ongoing coronavirus outbreak by restoring air corridors between the world’s top financial centers. The WTTC’s pilot program between London and New York will involve at least two rounds of airport-based COVID-19 testing, which health officials claim could be as much as 80% successful in identifying passengers with the virus. According to the WTTC, international business travel accounts for more than $272 billion in the UK, with many airlines and hotels relying heavily on frequent-flying business travelers. While the restoration of international business travel could benefit the entire tourism industry, said the organization, “it can only reopen when governments take a targeted approach and abandon the countrywide quarantines which have a devastating economic impact.” Gloria Guevera, WTTC president, said flights must be restored along “city corridors” linking cities with similar low COVID-19 case numbers, such as between London and New York, Washington, Paris, Frankfurt, Dubai, Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Shanghai.