Wheels Up, the private aviation company, had record first quarter revenues of $325.6 million, up 24% year over year. In addition, active members grew 25% year over year to 12,424. In other results, live flight legs increased 15% year over year and the company saw a net loss increase of $56.8 million year over year to a loss of $89 million. Kenny Dichter, CEO, said the revenue is a testament to the company’s unique market position as an iconic brand and innovator in a supply-constrained market. He said Wheels Up is looking forward to leveraging its recent Air Partner acquisition to expand globally. Dichter said that over the past several months, the company made “meaningful improvements” to address operational challenges and expects to realize the benefits in the coming quarters. He said Wheels Up is ahead of schedule on pilot hiring and continues to add to its maintenance capabilities while also delivering on several key strategic and technology initiatives. Vinayak Hegde, president, said that coupled with the acquisition of Air Partner, the implementation of fuel surcharges and additional capped rate price increases “gives us confidence that the company will show strong margin improvements over the course of the year."